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(6 days /5 nights, season November-March)

Arrival dates for 2013-2014:
November, 16  – November, 21
December, 14  – December, 19
January, 25 – January, 30
March, 22  - March, 27



Day 1

Beginning and end of the program in Krasnoyarsk (Russia, Siberia, time zone +8). You can get to Krasnoyarsk by train or by plane from many cities in Russia and even by international flights from Beijing
From 07:00 check-in in hotel «Lights of Yenissey» 2*, rest
11:00 Meeting with a guide in the hotel lobby, excursion in Krasnoyarsk Ethnographic Museum
Lunch in a café
Krasnoyarsk city tour
After that you will go to Krasnoyarsk surroundings, stop at the view point “Tsar Fish”, from where you can see the river Yenissey and blue mountains, in the town Divnogorsk you can see Krasnoyarsk hydro power station – the second biggest one in Russia. Next stop is in the fun-park “Bobrovy log”, you will go uphill by a ropeway to a view point to the famous reserve “Stolby” and all Krasnoyarsk.
19.00 Return to the hotel. Dinner independent.

* Overnight hotel “Lights of Yenissey” 2* (budget rooms, WC, bathroom). Lunch.

Extra services:
Air or train tickets to Krasnoyarsk
Meeting at the railway station or airport
Breakfast, dinner
Overnight in a better room category or better hotel



Day 2 Sunday

After breakfast and checking-out of the hotel the group goes to the north of the region along Yenissey tract to the town Lesosibirsk (300 km). It is a good possibility to get to know the history of Yenissey province.
On the way you can visit a temple in the village Kazachinskoye with an icon that can shed tears. Arrival in Lesosibirsk, where you will see some city churches and the Museum of Contemporary Christian Art. In the Museum the guide will tell not only about the authors’ style and manner of writing, but also reveal the spiritual meaning of almost every work.
Excursion to Krestovozdvizhenskiy Cathedral, one of the largest churches in Siberia (67 meters high).
Excursion to Yenisseysk. Visiting of Yenisseysk Regional Museum. The unique collection of the museum includes pipes made of mammoth's bone, tungus tribes' clothes, collections of seeds, Stone age instruments, tungus boxes decorated by beads, squirrels' tails boa and ancient fishing tools.
Walking excursion in the Siberian city among unique semples of wooden and stone architecture, churches and mansions.
Visit to photo hut – an unique museum of ancient things collected by enthusiast Peter Drozdov.
During the excursion you will see the Church of Iver women monastery, Saviour Cathedral, men monastery of the Holy Transfiguration, Church of the Resurrection, Epiphany Cathedral, Trinity church, Assumption Cathedral. All of these treasures, you will see during the tour
Arrival and accommodation at the tourist camp “Rybnaya Zaimka” (50 km). After accommodation you will have dinner with fish dishes.

* Accommodation in the tourist camp “Rybnaya Zaimka” (rooms with WC, shower), breakfast, dinner
Please note, there are no twin rooms (only with one king-size bed) at the camp, an extra sleeping place can be organized an a sofa

 Yeniseisk is one of the most ancient Siberian towns. Its past is closely connected to the history of Eastern Siberia's and Russia's uniting. During 150 years this town was the main gates to the Eastern Siberia and "the father" of all Siberian towns. But it still impresses everyone with its old architectural look. There are more than 110 objects of cultural inheritance on the territory of Yeniseisk.
Tourist camp “Rybnaya Zaimka” (50 km). The unique beauty of these places is a real decoration of outdoor recreation. The powerful and cold Yenissey, the gentle and warm Angara, blending together their waters, stately continue their journey to the north. The abundance of valuable fish species in these waters clarifies the name of the tourist complex – in translation "Hut of Fishers". Sturgeon, Siberian saimon, cisco, grayling, Yenissey perch – dishes of that fishes are cooked by skilled chefs of local restaurants. A cozy cottage on the Yenissey bank of the River is glad to welcome guests who want to have rest in a peace and quiet taiga place in every season of the year.
Extra services:


Day 3 Monday

Breakfast and lunch at the camp
Free time
After lunch return to Krasnoyarsk by bus (270 km), arrival to the train station
19.20 Departure from Krasnoyarsk to Abakan by night train.
* Overnight on train (2-class, 4-berth-compartments). Breakfast, lunch

Extra services:
Under-ice fishing
Train tickets Krasnoyarsk-Abakan

South of Krasnoyarsk Territory

Day 4 Tuesday

06.35 Arrival to Abakan, capital city of Khakassia Republic.
Breakfast in a café.
Departure to Minusinsk. During the excursion you will see Spas Cathedral, market, old merchants’ houses and walk around the city-center.
Visit the museum of Decembrists.
Lunch in a cafe.
Further departure to Shushenskoe village that will serve as a pass from civilization to ancient times. The excursion to the ethnographical museum "Shushenskoe" and accommodation at its guesthouses.

*Accommodation in wooden guesthouses of the museum “Shushenskoe” (WC, shower in every room). Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Museum Shushenskoe still has the customs and traditions of the Siberian village of the late 19th century, with its streets and houses, it will help you to feel the atmosphere of country life. Guesthouses were reconstituted with preservation of cultural styles of Angara river area and south of Krasnoyarsk Territory. The realities of peasant life are combined with modern comfort living. Stopping for a rest in the new village, becoming masters of estates, enjoying traditional peasant cuisine, learning the basics of craft guests can feel the real
Siberian farmers.
Extra services:


Day 5 Wednesday

Breakfast and lunch at guesthouses
Free time in Shushenskoe
Excursion to Sayano-Shushenskaya hydro power station (no entrance).
Sightseeing excursion in Abakan incl. local lore museum.
End of excursion tour program, farewell dinner in a restaurant with your guide.
*Accommodation in hotel “Abakan” 3*. Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Extra services:
Excursion to the park “Shushensky bor”
Train tickets from Abakan


Departure from Abakan

Day 6 Thursday

Departure from Abakan by flight to Moscow by “Aeroflot” or “S7” airlines

Extra services:
Breakfast at hotel
Transfer or taxi hotel-airport
Air tickets Abakan-Moscow