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Arrival dates for 2014:

The program offers you a winter trip to Tuva republic. You will see the main sights of republic’s capital city, discover secrets of the mound Arzhaan II, listen to the legendary throat singing, join the shamans’ kamlanie ritual, taste national cuisine and visit real nomads’ yurts.
During the second part of the travel tourists will enjoy taiga beauties, visit remote settlements of Old Believer descendants, plunge into the atmosphere of Siberian pathfinders, have a bird’s eye view of taiga.

Meeting Tuva

Day 1

Arrival in Kyzyl in the morning, transfer to the hotel, check-in, rest.
The place of this day is Kyzyl, the capital of Tuva. The first sight to visit here is the Geographical Centre of Asia.
The next place of visiting is the Buddhist temple where you will have a chance to hear a sermon of the lama. Buddhism in Tuva exists in harmony with shaman beliefs.
Meeting with handicraftsmen. Also you will visit the Regional Museum of Tuva (exhibition “Scythian gold”) and see unique archaeological finds of different epochs.
Also visiting Kyzyl surroundings, a mineral healing spring.
Dinner in a restaurant with national cuisine.


* Accommodation in a hotel 2*. Dinner

The route that covers the Sayan ring lets you visit the heart of Asia. This city is situated in the place where Biy-Khem (the Big Yenisey) and Ka-Khem (the Small Yenisey) unite their waters and give a life to the great river Yenisey.
The Geographical Centre of Asia is built in 1964, the monument represents a big globe on which the contours of continents are marked, Tuva and Kyzyl are specially indicated.
Extra services:
Air tickets to Kyzyl (from Novosibirsk or Krasnoyarsk)
Train or air tickets to Abakan and bus transfer from Abakan to Kyzyl (shared taxi for 4 pax or private bus)
Performance with the traditional throat singing “khoomei”.
The throat singing - a fantastical capability of the Tuva people (and some other Siberian nationalities) to emit simultaneously two or three sounds of different tone and to sustain the same sound for 25-30 seconds without taking a breath. If you close your eyes it is hard to believe that the sounds are emitted by a person and not by a musical instrument.

Yerzhey village

Day 2

Breakfast. Checkout.
Departure to the village Yerzhey (170 km) in south direction by winter road. Arrival to the tourist camp “Yerzhey” which is located at the bank of Ka-Khem river (Small Yenisei) at Sayan foothill and 2 km away from villages Yerzhei and Sizim, where Siberian old believers live.
Lunch. A walk around the camp, uphill from where you can observe amazing scenery.

*Accommodation in wooden guest houses (no facilities in a house). Breakfast, lunch, dinner

The lack of roads and public transport makes this trip unforgettable for travelers who will see picturesque mountain lands, coniferous woods, meadows and pastures.
Extra services:
Horse riding or sledding
Snow mobiling
Visit a phyto-sauna

Old-believers of Tuva

Day 3

Excursions to old believers’ descendants.
Coming back to the camp, lunch.
Free time. Visit a typical Siberian hot sauna called banya

*Accommodation in wooden guest houses (no facilities in a house). Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Old believers settled in Tuva in the end of 18th century, when these lands were digested by migrants. Still they try to live in reservations. But some families agree to receive guests. You will visit this kind of family and learn about their lifestyle, traditions, rituals of these unusual people. Their village is located on the bank of the river and you can get there only by ferry which is moved with the help of the river’s force. Meeting local people is always very exciting. It is a real time travel, it is a world of totally different values and interests.
Extra services:
Horse riding or sledding
Snow mobiling
Visit a phyto-sauna

Meeting with shamans

Day 4

Breakfast, coming back to Kyzyl (170 km).
Arrival to the city, accommodation at the hotel, lunch. Departure to the yurt camp Biy-Khem where you will meet a shaman.
During this meeting shaman will tell you about traditions, rituals and power of shamanism. After that you will see a shamanistic ritual - kamlaniye.
During your visit at the yurt camp you can also taste national Tuvan tea.
Return to the city. Dinner in a restaurant.

* Accommodation in a hotel 2*. Breakfast, lunch, dinner

Kamlanie is a ritual during which a shaman communicates with spirits, does some magic beside the bonfire, producing plangent sounds and playing tambourine. For some people it will be a cleanup ritual, for others a chance to meditate, and someone will just make a wish and soon it will come true.
Extra services:
Individual appointments with a shaman to learn about your future, go through cleanup ritual and get some information about your health condition.

Departure from Tuva

Day 5

Breakfast at hotel
Transfer to the airport or bus terminal

* Breakfast

Extra services:
Air tickets from Kyzyl to Novosibirsk or Krasnoyarsk
Bus transfer from Kyzyl to Abakan (shared taxi for 4 pax or private minibus)
Train or air tickets from Abakan