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About Our Company

Let us welcome you from the name of the company "Irkutsk Baikal Travel" and offer you our support in planning and organizing of your travels!

In life of each of us there comes time, when one wants to set aside his everyday worries and go on a journey to see with his own eyes the famous mountains and volcanoes, legendary rivers and waterfalls, mysterious caves and glaciers, sparkling under the sun, and polar islands ...  We are glad to realize that there are more and more people in our world who care about terrestrial expanses and deep oceans, our amazing and beautiful, fragile and delicate, sublime and terrible, endlessly amazing us all with new wonders of the planet!
One such natural wonders, of course, is Lake Baikal. There is no such a famous lake in the world! It is unique and fabulous, deeper than any other lake on the continents of our planet, and there is no water as clean and cold. And we, natives of Irkutsk, are incredibly lucky to live and work near this glorious and sacred lake! We are also very glad to realize that every year hundreds of Russian and foreign visitors discover Baikal with the help of our company.
Since 1998 we have been receiving Russian and foreign tourists in Irkutsk and Lake Baikal, in the cities of the Trans-Siberian Railway, Mongolia and China. Over the years we have accumulated vast experience in the organization of excursionist and cognitive tours and active tours, in providing integrated travel services: we meet our guests at the airport and the railway station, provide transportation to the location, book accommodation in hotels and camp sites, and organize various tours and programs, as well as providing these services separately. We have developed and tested a variety of tours for visitors, including trekking, rafting down Mountain Rivers, excursions and educational programs, cruises on Lake Baikal. Our tours are designed for groups and individual tourists.
We are always ready to offer natives of Irkutsk tours to Russia: cruises on the Volga, the Yenisei, sightseeing tours in Moscow and St. Petersburg, hotel booking, transfer to any of cities of our Motherland, and happy to help in finalizing travel documents in the countries of Schengen Agreement: Benelux, China, Mongolia, South Korea.

In addition to tours, we organize individual corporate programs in Irkutsk and on Lake Baikal for Russian and foreign companies. We also deal with domestic and outbound tourism, offering a wide range of tours in Russia and abroad, to countries that are the most popular among Irkutsk citizens.
Our main criterion in the work is an individual approach to each client, fast processing of queries and requests, providing all necessary information about the tourist product, as well as reliability and honesty in relationships with partners.

Especially for foreign guests, we created site, which provides information about developed by us tours and programs in different languages.

Our staff will be pleased to provide you with all necessary information on tours; they will answer to all of your questions, help you in organizing of your journey and will be very glad to see you at our office.

We will be glad to see you among our guests! And if you become one of our regular clients we will please you with new interesting ideas and good discounts.

If you have any questions, please, contact our managers. Phone: +7 (3952)  200-070, 200-134, Fax: +7 (3952) 200-070


Skype: My status baikal_travel

Office: 664050, Russia, Irkutsk, Rjanova 154, of. 1.