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Active horse riding tour "Baikal Centaurs"


This tour is for lovers of outdoor activities that would make a horse trekking on forest trails and steppes on the shores of Lake Baikal, combining different adventures and familiarity with one of the most unique places on the Earth.

Good physical shape is more important than ability to ride (7 days, 6 nights)

First day of the tours
Wednesday, the fixed dates will be determined after the first group order, just about from mid-July to late August. An individual order of the tour is possible in the other dates.

Day 1
Arriving at estate “Zarechnoye”. Accomodation in the rooms. Lunch. Meeting with horses. Instructions on accidents prevention. Introductory lesson on riding in the field. A walk to the shore of Lake Baikal or Mishka Mountain. Dinner. Acquaintance Party, if the weather permits - at the fire. Overnight in the estate.

Day 2
After breakfast and gathering - the first and the shortest stage of horse riding tour: Buguldeika – the Small Sea. Route: village Buguldeika - Kuyada Bay – Barkhany Bay. The path runs mainly on the forest and rural roads and on top of the ridges with magnificent views on the lake. Sometimes, for security purposes of you and your horse, you need to dismount on the very steep climbs and descents. Upon arriving to the place of lodging, there will be a hot dinner on the campfire. Preparation of the horses for the night. Overnight in tents.

Day 3
Getting up early. Breakfast on the campfire. Watering the horses from Lake Baikal. Today we have the most difficult transition through passes:  Barkhany Bay – Summer Houses Kuzhirtuy - Krestovskaya Bay. The path also runs through the taiga roads. Rest and having a snack in Summer Houses Kuzhirtuy. Arrival at Krestovskaya Bay, accommodation in the rooms of the recreation center. By request - Bathhouse (extra charge).

Day 4
After breakfast - going on the longest transition of the day: Krestovaya Bay – Summer Houses Hall – Summer Houses Birkhin. Rest and dinner not far from the sacred place on Lake Baikal - the famous white marble cliff Sagan-Zaba. The cliff was opened by the researcher Okladnikov and became known for a large number of petroglyphs. Petroglyphs of Sagan Zaba, showing dancing shamans, topped with horns, running deer and swans - the true value of an ancient culture - have received worldwide recognition. If you decide to make a two-hour walking tour, you can explore the petroglyphs. Unfortunately, time is ruthless and the traces are not clear. The terrain begins to change. Taiga is gradually transformed into the steppe, called Tazheranskaya. Tazheransky array has become popular due to its unique mineral associations. There are more than 150 minerals. In addition, Tazheranskaya steppe has large number of salt lakes and several caves in length to 830 meters. Placing the camp in a picturesque bay and dinner. Overnight in tents.

Day 5
After breakfast, going to route: Birkhin Bay - Begul Bay - Valley of the Anga River – Erd - Aya Bay. From the top of the ridge you can watch the grand view of the mouth and the wide valley of the river Anga, tensed at the confluence of Lake Baikal between rocks. The path runs close to Erd Mountain; near this mountain legendary Erdynsky Games are held. There was a time when it was an important ritual celebration of local residents. It was held once in 4 years and gathered a variety of peoples and tribal shamans of the Baikal region. During Erdynsky dance people took each other hand in hand and closed the ring around the mountain. Rest and dinner. After passing across the Anga River - the beginning of the mountain-steppe part of Tazheranskaya steppe. It is also called Small Mongolia. Further – going to Aya Bay. Dinner, an evening at the campfire, overnight in tents.

Day 6
Breakfast. Further route: Aya Bay-Summer Houses Hitkiney-locality Ulan Nuur. The most pleasant and easy part of the route, probably, light-handed. Any kind of allure. Snack on the road. Meeting with the “city things”. Transfer to the leisure base on the Small Sea. Overnight at the leisure base.

Day 7
Breakfast. Rest on the best. Transfer: the Small Sea - Irkutsk.
Additional Information:
1. Participants of the tour should have riding skills or be in a good shape, not to cause unpleasant moments either themselves, or the other participants, or horses.
2. Weight of personal possessions for the tour should not exceed 10 kg. The remaining items will be left in Zarechnoye estate; you will get them back in Ulan Nuur. Rider's weight must not exceed 100 kg; this is principal position, as the load on the horse in the tour is significant.
3. All the necessary equipment for the horse riding tour is available to participants of the tour: bridle, saddle, 3-, 4-person tents, campfire and boiler equipment, first aid kit for emergency medical assistance.
4. Each participant must have a set of personal items: warm clothes (replacement), a cap or a hat with a visor from the sun, sunscreen / tanner, a small backpack for camera and others, a sleeping bag, a suit that protects against wind and rain, an individual first aid kit of the tourist, a flashlight, and matches. (If necessary, equipment can be rented at the base, but you should inform of it beforehand).
5. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes (for replacement). Shoes with a small square heels or flat soles are required for the horse tour. Boots with long bootleg or leggings are welcomed.
6. Three meals daily. In the tour the meal is cooked on the campfire, for lunch – dry rations (nuts, chocolate, cookies / crackers).
7. All participants of the tour will be insured against accidents.
8. In case of bad weather, the tour organizer reserves the right to change the program informing the members of the group beforehand.
9. If there are vegetarians or people with severe restrictions on the acceptance of a food, you must inform about it in advance to agree a separate menu.
10. In case of late arrival of a tourist to the place of departure of minibus taxi (on which he booked a ticket) to the point of beginning of the tour, the tourist pays for a transfer by taxi at his expense.

The price includes:
- Accommodation in the rooms at the recreation centers and tents according to the itinerary;
- Meals according to the itinerary - Full board, except towns and road café;
- Rental of equipment required for horse route;
- Rental of horses;
- Support by instructors;
- Accident insurance.

Hotel or flat reservation in the city on the days of arrival-departure is possible.

To know all the current prices refer to the managers