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Peschanaya Bay

Baikal Dunes

Peschanaya Bay is the most famous place on Lake Baikal, where there are the famous "stilted" trees, from under which water and wind constantly wash and blow away the sandy soil. Unique taiga slopes of the Primorsky Range with spectacular groups of rocks go down to Lake Baikal. A sandy beach of the bay is framed by picturesque pyramidal cliffs – Large Belltower (80 m above the lake level) and Small Belltower (60 m). The sandy beach, which is in the shape of a semicircle, has length 750 m and width from 15 to 20 m, gives a picturesque view on the bay. The bay has name "Siberian Riviera", and it was declared a monument of nature. Its photographs often decorate publications of Lake Baikal. Mild climate and large number of sunny days per year in Peschanaya Bay is the same as in the resorts of the Black Sea coast. This is the only place in Eastern Siberia, where the average annual air temperature is positive (+0,4 ° C). The water temperature in the bay is low all summer long, and only tempered people can swim here.

Leisure Center “Baikal Dunes”
Leisure center “Baikal Dunes”, which was opened in 1998, is located in 280 km from Irkutsk, on the territory of the Baikal National Park. Well-groomed territory and comfortable beach area, combined with new wooden cottages, organically inscribed in the landscape of Academic bay, leave a positive impression. Surrounded on one side by cliffs and beautiful Siberian taiga, on the other – by Lake Baikal, the leisure center offers accommodation in one of the most beautiful places on Lake Baikal, where everything creates a great mood: taiga slopes of the Primorsky Range, which are over 20 million years old, many large and small rocks, cedars, larches, clean beaches of fine quartz pebbles. Here one can see wild animals, really touch the pristine and untouched nature and dip in the holy waters of Lake Baikal.


Arrivals to leisure center “Baikal Dunes” are organized on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Gathering place for tourists is the city center, near hotel "Irkutsk" (former “Intourist”), address: Gagarin Boulevard, 44. At 13:00 transport with tourists leaves from Irkutsk to Bolshoye Goloustnoye (120 km, including 30 km of paved roads and 90 km of unpaved roads). The route takes about two hours. All this time the road runs through the mountain passes and meadows, among the mixed forest (pine, cedar, larch, birch, aspen, rare Siberian shrubs), crosses the streams and the Goloustnaya River. Transshipment on water transport happens on the shore of Lake Baikal; it takes about 2 hours to get to leisure center “Baikal Dunes”. While moving you have a unique opportunity to capture the most beautiful places of Lake Baikal - its rocks, nicks, gorges, coves and caves. Approximate time of arrival is 17:30. After placement, tourists will be offered dinner at 19:00.

On the day of departure, tourists vacate rooms until 12:00. At 13:00, after lunch, will be departure to Bolshoye Goloustnoye village by water transport (1-1,5 hour) and transfer to Irkutsk by car (2,5 hour). Approximate time of arrival is 17:30.
Tourists are accommodated in single, double and triple rooms of various classes of “lux” category in chopped out of the Siberian pine houses with bright veranda overlooking Lake Baikal. All houses are equipped with a shower with hot and cold water, hair dryer, sanitary conveniences, a washbasin and electric facilities for heating rooms. All depends on the type of accommodation.

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