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Baikal Is Calling


This is a combination of cultural, active, health-improving rest. Excursions and hiking along picturesque places of the North Baikal, yachting, swimming in hot springs and Baikal, examining rock paintings in Ludarskie caves and, at the same time, accomodation in comfortable rooms (“economy” class) of a private hotel are the best holiday for those who enjoy outdoor activities and the comfort of home, who wants to get in touch directly with the beautiful nature of Lake Baikal and test himself in a trek.

Type of tourism: excursion (by car, by feet, by water)
Total length: 223 km
Number of tourists in a group: 4-12 persons
Number of instructors on the route: 1-2 persons
Total duration: 7 days


Day 1
The way of movement: by car (7 km)

Meeting at the railway station; accomodation at the hotel of family type “The House at Baikal” in twin and triple rooms (5 minutes’ walk to Baikal); city tour in Severobaikalsk.

Day 2
The way of movement: by car (70 km), by feet (4 km)
Bus excursion to the valley of the Goujekit River to the place where Korotky mountain brook flows into the Goujekit River; the way leads us upwards the brook to Stremya Waterfall;  then we are waited by a pleasant bathing in hot spring with the same name as the river; the spring is equipped with 2 pools, changing rooms, café.

Day 3
The way of movement: by feet (2 km), by yacht (10 km)
Yachting across Baikal; after excursion we can bathe in Baikal, lie in the sun on the beach, situated near the hotel.

Day 4
The way of movement: by car (40 km), by feet (6 km)
A trip to Lake Slyudyanskoye with hiking to abandoned mica gangways, a place of working of the prisoners of the 30-s; from these places you can see beautiful views on Baikal expanses; bathing in Lake Slyudyanskoye, dinner at the campfire, having rest.

Day 5
The way of movement: none
It is a free day; extra services are offered (not included in the price): a boat trip to Khakusy hot spring, situated on the East shore of Baikal; rafting by catamaran along the Tyia mountain river, and so on…

Day 6
The way of movement: by car (80 km), by feet (2 km)
Excursion to old fishermen settlement Baikalskoye with a stop in Buryat ceremonial place; visiting Ludarskie caves with examination of rock paintings (archaeological excavations of the dwelling site of ancient people); lunch on the shore of the lake.

Day 7
The way of movement: by car (2 km)
It is a free day; going to the railway station; departure.

Schedule of tours may vary depending on the weather, availability of transport by agreement of tourists and tour guides. To pass the trips you should have a jacket, comfortable sportswear, footwear, and swimwear.

The price of the tour includes:
Accomodation at hotel “The House at Baikal” (amenities: toilet, a sink with hot and cold water, a TV set, a heater; showers are available in a separate accomodation); transfers according to the itinerary; the full board (1st day – lunch and dinner, 7th day – breakfast and lunch); guide services; insurance.

The price of the route does not include:
Additional days of accomodation and meals until the start of the tour (12.00 on the day of starting the tour) and after the end of the tour (14.00 on the last day of the tour); meeting and seeing off from/to the airport (Nizhneangarsk) or the pier (Severobaikalsk) (transfers included are only from/to the railway station).

The railway
You can get to Severobaikalsk by the following trains:
№92 Moscow – Severobaikalsk (in the back direction №91);
№292 Novosibirsk – Severobaikalsk (in the back direction №291);
№76 Moscow – Tynda (in the back direction №75);
№98 Kislovodsk – Tynda (in the back direction №97);
№198 Krasnoyarsk – Severobaikalsk.
Travelling time: to Moscow – 92 hours, to Novosibirsk – 42 hours, to Krasnoyarsk – 30 hours, to Bratsk – 14 hours.
There are additional trains (№291, №291) in the summer time.

The planes
The airport of Nizhneangarsk provides the flights to Ulan-Ude (1 hour 20 minutes); the distance from Severobaikalsk to the airport is 25 km, you can also catch a minibus taxi (15-30 minutes to the railway station of Severobaikalsk).

Water communication
You can get from Irkutsk to Severobaikalsk by Comet (a comfortable high-speed water vehicle), crossing the whole Baikal from the South to the North, watching beautiful views of Baikal (Listvyanka, the Small Sea, Olkhon Island, Ushkany Islands); travelling time – 10 hours.
Departure from Irkutsk: Tuesday, Friday 8.20-8.50 (“Raketa” pier), local time.
Departure from Severobaikalsk: Wednesday, Saturday 8.20-8.50 (harbor of Severobaikalsk), local time.

To know all the current prices refer to the managers