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Taltsy Museum

The Museum of wooden architecture in the open air “Taltsy” is opened every day from 10.00 to 16.00 in winter, from 10.00 to 18.00 in summer. During the summer, cafe and antique shop work on the territory of the museum.

Байкальский Тракт - Музей Тальцы

Architectural-ethnographic museum "Taltsy" is a unique storage of history and culture of the peoples of Eastern Siberia. The museum is located in a picturesque place on the right bank of the Angara River on Taltsinsky tract on 47th kilometer of Baikalsky tract on the way from Irkutsk to Lake Baikal. Territory of the Museum is 67 hectares. It is composed of more than 40 historical and architectural monuments and 8000 exhibits of great historical value. The decision to build the museum was taken on January, 9, 1966. The first wooden buildings of the museum were moved from the flooded area of Ust-Ilimsk Reservoir. Having become a branch of the Irkutsk State United Museum, it received its first visitors in 1980. On February 20, 1995 by Presidential Decree the museum “Taltsy” assigned to the objects of historical and cultural heritage of federal importance.

Байкальский Тракт - Музей Тальцы

The Museum attracts visitors not only with rich natural landscapes, but also with the possibility to get acquainted with material and spiritual culture of the peoples of the Baikal region - Russian, Buryat, and Evenki. Expositions of the museum tell about life and the peculiarities of life, customs and traditions of the peoples of the Baikal region in XIX-XX centuries. Original and majestic Siberian folk architecture attracts particular attention of tourists.

Байкальский Тракт - Музей Тальцы


Folk festivals and fetes with folk groups’ performances are held on the territory of the museum. In February and March – Pancake Week, in April – Easter, in June – Trinity, in July – All Saints Day, in August – the Savior. Crafts holiday is held on Christmas Day and Christmastide, Pancake Week and Trinity, during which massive games with the best folk groups, artists and craftsmen of the city and region are going on.
A potter and a birchbark crafts are recreated in the museum. Visitors of the museum can sculpture with their own hands a little clay "masterpiece" and take it away as a souvenir of the museum. A barrel house serving traditional Russian cuisine works on the territory of the museum; there are parking lots for motor vehicles. Convenient walkways lead visitors to exhibitions and places of recreation. A nice time with family and friends at the museum on the banks of the Angara will be remembered for a long time.

Qualified staff scientists and tour guides work in the museum “Taltsy”, who will tell tell visitors about the museum expositions.


Architectural complexes of the museum:
1. Evenki summer and autumn camp. The XIX century – the beginning of the XX century. Recreated in the traditions of Evenki material culture.
2. Cascade of three water mills. The end of the XIX century. Removed from village Vladimirovka of Bratsk district.
3. Homestead farmer of Moskovsky. The end of the XIX century. Removed from village Antonov of Bratsk district.
4. Mangazeya - public grain warehouse. The end of the XIX century. Removed from village Savino - Kezhemsky district of the Krasnoyarsk region.
5. Ilimskaya Kazanskaya Church (chapel) - the only surviving architectural monument of cult architecture of Siberia of the XVII century.
6. Spassky passable tower of Ilimsky gaol. The XVII century. It was the first gaol in eastern Siberia. Starting of Ilimsky gaol refers to 1630.
7. The parish school. 1880. It was removed from Keul settlement of Ust-Ilimsky district.
8. Homestead farmer of Nepomiluyev. The end of the XIX century. Removed from village Garminka of Bratsk district.
9. Homestead farmer of Seryshev. The mid-nineteenth century. Removed from village Antonov of Bratsk district.
10. Homestead farmer of Prokopiev. The end of the XIX century – the beginning of the XX century. Removed from village Zyryanov of Nizhne-Ilimsky district.
11. Trinity Church. The XIX century. Removed from village Dyadino of Zhigalovsky district.  The Soviet-Japanese film “Dreams of Russia” was shot in 1990-1992 on the territory of the museum. Church was moved to the museum by Japanese filmmakers to have shot this movie.

12. Buryat ulus letnik (a summer house). The end of the XIX century – the beginning of the XX century. Buryat ulus consisting of 6 wooden octagonal yurts was removed from Alaguyevsky ulus (village Malaya Buguldeika) of Olkhon district. Attributes of life of the herdsmen-nomads of XVIII-XIX centuries are represented in the yurts. In one of the yurts there is an exposition “The old faith of the Buryat people”, in the other – “The way of life of a young Buryat family”.
13. Cemetery complex. Typical Siberian deep-six of the XIX century. The authentic common grave of the old village Taltsy habitants was removed to the cemetery.



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