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Guided Tour: Listvyanka – The Round Baikal Railway –Irkutsk– Ust-Orda - Olkhon Island – Ulan-Ude

Guided tour : Listvyanka – The Round Baikal Railway –Irkutsk– Ust-Orda - Olkhon Island – Ulan-Ude

Day 1
After arrival – meeting by the company representative (at the airport or the railway station
Departure to Listvyanka settlement (70 km from Irkutsk) with the stop at 47th km of Baikal tract (40 minutes) in architectural-ethnographic museum "Taltsy", in which the exposition of culture and everyday life of peoples of East Siberia is presented: Evenki summer and autumn camp, Cascade of three water mills, Ilimskaya Kazanskaya Church (chapel), Trinity Church and others.
Arrival in Listvyanka settlement (the nearest tourist center to Irkutsk), accomodation at hotel ``Baikal``;
Visiting of Limnological museum (the main kinds of Baikal fish and Nerpas are represented in its aquariums)

Lunch at the restaurant!
You can watch famous Shaman stone from the viewing point of Chersky peak. You can rise there by lift..At the local market you can also buy souvenirs made by local Siberian masters or try Baikalian smoked fish: omul, whitefish.
Return to the hotel.

Day 2
Breakfast .Transfer to pier. Crossing by ferry to Port Baikal .From this (port Baikal) start a fascinating trip by tourist train on Circum-Baikal Railway. 10:20 Beginning of the excursion. During excursion you`ll have several stops to visit galleries, tunnels, to walk in the forest and at lake Baikal shore.

The train always goes on Baikal shore and you`ll be able to admire beautiful landscapes of the lake. Lunch on the train. In the evening arrival to Irkutsk. Transfer to hotel “Angara”. Dinner. Hotel overnight.

Day 3
10-00 Transfer to Olkhon Island by private car.
At 15-00 arrival to island Olkhon.
Accommodation at the hotel ``Baikalov Ostrog``.
Lunch at the hotel.
Free time.
18-00 Dinner

Day 4
All day on Olkhon Island. After breakfast excursion by 4X4 to Khoboy Cape,
the northernmost point of Olkhon. The trip will allow you to discover the beauty of the Maloye More (Small Sea) and its islets. Walk to the cape. Picnic in the open air. Visit to Uzury, a small hamlet in the east of the island. The picturesque way passes through steppes, sandy beaches, taiga, abandoned villages. Return to hotel in Khuzhir. Possible banya in the evening.


Day 5
All day on Olkhon Island. After breakfast excursion by boat to Ogoy island.

Excursion along the Southern Part of Olkhon island and the islets of the Small Sea (6 – 7 hours). You will have a stop at fishermen’s “Kamchatka”, the place where you can see how fishermen catch the Baikal fish.
Then your route will run along picturesque islets, grottos and frozen caves to Ogoy island - a sacred place for Buddhists. They put Stupa of enlightenment, which gives peace and fulfills the wishes. Picnic lunch. Return to hotel in Khuzhir.

Day 6
Free time
14-00 Lunch
16-00 Excursion to Burkhan Cape.
18-00 Dinner

Day 7
After breakfast transfer to Irkutsk by private car.
Stop for lunch!
In the evening arrival to Irkutsk.
Accommodation at the hotel ``Angara``.

Day 8
11-00 Meet with a guide and a driver. City tour, 4 hours. Kirov Square, enter to Church, Karl Marks Street, Lenin Street. Decembrists museum.
Lunch at the restaurant.
Return to the hotel.
Free time
Hotel overnight.

Day 9
12-00 Transfer to Ust-Orda
13-00 Excursion to the buryat village Ust Orda, 70 km from Irkutsk
14-00 lunch at local restaurant (buriat meal)
15-00 Visit to the local Historical museum
16-00 Meet with shaman people
17-00 Return to Irkutsk, to the train station
Departure to Ulan-Ude

Day 10
06-15Arrival to Ulan-Ude
Meet with guide and driver
10:00 City Tour by bus/car (2 districts)  ( 2 hours):
Every city has its own unique character. Even though Ulan Udeis considered a typical Siberian city, it bears the imprint of national culture and national urban planning concept. Our city has a great cultural and historic potential with its 300-year history and original culture. The city is constantly developing and can be rediscovered each year. 
During the excursion you will get acquainted with the most remarkable architectural monuments in the streets of Ulan Ude, listen to interesting stories from the lives of local people, and learn about the history of outstanding buildings. 
1.     Soviet Square (downtown)
2.     Spot where Ulan Ude (former Verkhneudinsk) was founded
3.     Historic city center
4.     ProspektPobedy (Victory Avenue)
5.     Buddhist temple “Rinpoche Bagsha” with a beautiful panoramic view of Ulan Ude
6.     Prospekt 50 Let Oktyabrya (50 Years of October Avenue)
12:00 Lunch in café
13:00 Excursion to the Open Air Ethnographic Museum  (4 hours):
This is our favorite museum. The museum is located 15 km from Ulan Ude and contains several major units: Archaeological, Hunnish, Soyot, Evenk, Buryat, Cossack, Old Believer and Urban. Our excursion will take about 3 hours; we will walk 3 kilometers but you will not feel the distance because we will make several stops on the way.
The exhibition of the museum tells the story of all nations and cultures that have lived in Buryatia for the last 400 years. Here you will see authentic wooden houses, utensils, national clothing, horse barn supplies, wood carving works and other interesting things. The museum presents a complete description of different nationalities and their material culture.
Our guide will explain specific features of national building traditions, tell Russian and Buryat legends, and maybe even sing a local song for you...
Accommodation at the hotel ``Geser``, standard room.

Day 11
9:00 Excursion to the IvolginskyDatsan "Om Mani" (3 hours):
The monastery complex is considered to be the center of Buddhism in Russia. It is located 35 km from Ulan Ude in the picturesque valley of the Ivolga River. The monastery complex is home to the Buddhist institute DashiChoinkhorlin (translated from Tibetan as “the land of happy learning”) where monks, the future lamas, study oriental and Tibetan culture, medicine, Old Mongolian and Tibetan languages and philosophy of Buddhism – the basis of the religion. 
We will make a sacred circle (“goroo”) around the territory of the monastery and enter the temples. We will see the altar with lots of golden statues of Buddha, Buddhist stupas, Buddhist books, tankas and even the sacred Bodhi tree.
12:00 Excursion to an Old Believer village  "Ambers" (5 or 7 hours):
You will enjoy the privilege of having lunch at the Russian Old Believers: ethnic and religious group of protestants (“Raskolniki”) exiled to Siberia in the 18th century after a religious reform introduced by Patriarch Nikon. You will get acquainted with the original culture, religion, folklore and art that existed in Russia before Peter the Great. You will see a piece of authentic Russia preserved in the Siberian taiga. Picturesque landscapes of vast fields and forests will please your eye on the way. Here you will feel the spirit of freedom!
A local Old Believer family will show you around their house and yard. They will tell you about the history of the Old Believers in Buryatia, describe their everyday life, and explain how to survive severe Siberian winter. The hospitable hostess will invite you to have lunch in her house. You will be served organic homemade foods - milk and sour cream from the house; vegetables and greenery from the garden; berries and mushrooms from the taiga; homemade vodka (“samogon”).
Return to the hotel

Day 12
9:00 1 day tour to Baikal with picnic.
The Buryatian side of Baikal Lake (the Eastern shore) is famous for its sunny bays and sandy beaches. It is easily accessed by road, but is quite far (about 250 km or 3-4 hours driving) from Ulan-Ude - capital city of Buryatia, so not many Trans-Siberian tourists go there. Mostly, it is local Russian people from Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, and Angarsk who visit these places. They come with their cars and make up little tent towns. This is good news for you, because that side of Baikal is much less developed than the Irkutsk and Olkhon side, so it's much more suitable for those who want to be away from the crowds and to enjoy some time with the lake on their own.
Return to the hotel

Day 13
10:00 Excursion to the AtsagatskyDatsan"Great Teachers" + Lunch with a Buryat family.
The Atsagatskydatsan  is a very important temple in the history of Buddhism in Buryatia. In the 19-20 centuries it was the largest center for studying and practicing Tibetan medicine on the basis of tantric school.  The datsan had a large printshop where texts were printed in the Mongolian and Tibetan languages. Crown Prince Nicholas visited the Atsagatskydatsan while traveling across Siberia and the Far East in 1891.

The Atlas of Tibetan Medicine has been kept in the Atsagatskydatsan since 1926; it is one of the two unique copies brought to the datsan from Tibet by Buryat lamas. People from all over Siberia used to come to the Atsagatskydatsan to be treated by renowned doctors.  AgvanDorzhiev, a prominent political figure, reformer of Buddhism, teacher of the 13th Dalai Lama, lived and worked in the Atsagatskydatsan.
Add to this excursion Lunch with a Buryat family and animation program (national games, cooking master class, trying on traditional Buryat attire). A Buryat family will meet you in a typical Buryat village. The owner of the house will serve you traditional Buryat dishes and tell about the history of national clothes. You will try your hand at playing Buryat games and cooking a Buryat dish! Delicious meal will be followed by traditional sports competition in archery.
Total duration (excursion to the AtsagatskyDatsan + lunch with animation program): 7 hours

Day 14
Transfer to the airport.

The price includes:
- Meeting at the airport or the railway station in Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude;
- English - speaking guide services during the tour except train Irkutsk-Ulan-Ude ;
- Tickets to “Taltsy” museum , Limnological museum , rise Chersky Stone by lift;
- Accommodation in Listvyanka ``Baikal`` – standard variant, 1 night;
-Accommodation in Irkutsk ``Angara`` - standard variant, 3 nights;
-Accommodation in Ulan-Ude hotel ``Geser`` - standard variant, 4 nights;
-Accommodation in one of leisure bases of Olkhon ; 5 days/4 nights, hotel ``Baikalov Ostrog``;
- Tickets for the Circum-Baikal train, 1st class;
- Transfer: Irkutsk – Olkhon Island – Irkutsk;
- Excursions on the island Olkhon according to the program (island Ogoy by boat and island Khoboy by 4X4 ).
-Transfer according to the private car
- Meals according the program (Breakfast on Day 2-14, Lunch on Day 1-13 )
- Excursions in Ulan-Ude according to the program



To know all the current prices refer to the managers