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Having Rest On Sandy Beaches of Baikal

“Baikal Dunes” Recreation Center + Listvyanka settlement 7 days/6 nights

Validity period: June – September
Arrivals: on Thursdays and Saturdays


Day 1
After arrival – meeting by the company representative (at the airport or the railway station), departure to Listvyanka settlement (70 km from Irkutsk) with the stop at 47th km of Baikal tract (40 minutes) in architectural-ethnographic museum "Taltsy", in which the exposition of culture and everyday life of peoples of East Siberia is presented: Evenki summer and autumn camp, Cascade of three water mills, Ilimskaya Kazanskaya Church (chapel), Trinity Church and others.
Arrival in Listvyanka settlement (the nearest tourist center to Irkutsk), accomodation at hotel;
Visiting of Limnological museum (the main kinds of Baikal fish and Nerpas are represented in its aquariums);
You can see specially trained Nerpas in Nerpinary (for extra pay);
Meals at cafes and restaurants of Listvyanka at your own expense;
You can watch famous Shaman stone from the viewing point of Chersky peak. You can rise there by cableways (by yourself for extra pay) or by feet. At the local market you can also buy souvenirs made by local Siberian masters or try Baikalian smoked fish: omul, whitefish.
In the evening – return to Irkutsk and accomodation in “Irkutsk” hotel in standard rooms.

Day 2
Breakfast in the hotel;
At 12.00 – lunch in “Irkutsk” restaurant (at tourists’ wish at their own expense); at 13.00 – departure by bus to Bolshoye Goloustnoye settlement (2 hours, 120 km from Irkutsk, which includes 80 km by unsurfaced road); further – landing on a launcher and crossing Baikal to Peschanaya Bay; 2 hours of water trip will pass unnoticeably while you watch local beauties and take pictures of them;
Upon arrival – meeting with the staff of recreation center “Baikal Dunes”, accomodation in the rooms of “Business” class, having rest and dinner.

Days 3 – 6
These days are fully dedicated to having rest! Well-cared-for territory and comfortable beach area of recreational center “Baikal Dunes” in combination with new wooden cottages, organically inserted into the landscape of Academicheskaya Bay, leave a pleasant impression. The recreational center is surrounded by the rocks and beautiful Siberian taiga from one side and by Lake Baikal from the other side; its guests are offered accomodation in one of the most beautiful places on Lake Baikal, where everything keeps you in great mood: taiga slopes of Primorsky range, plenty of small and big rocks, cedars, larches, the cleanest beach covered with quartz pebble. Here you can watch wild animals, touch the pristine nature as it is, bathe in holy water of Lake Baikal.
Peschanaya Bay is the most famous place on Lake Baikal, where there are the famous "stilted" trees, from under which water and wind constantly wash and blow away the sandy soil. Unique taiga slopes of the Primorsky Range with spectacular groups of rocks go down to Lake Baikal. A sandy beach of the bay is framed by picturesque pyramidal cliffs – Large Belltower (80 m above the lake level) and Small Belltower (60 m). The sandy beach, which is in the shape of a semicircle, has length 750 m and width from 15 to 20 m, gives a picturesque view on the bay. The bay has name "Siberian Riviera", and it was declared a monument of nature. Its photographs often decorate publications of Lake Baikal. Mild climate and large number of sunny days per year in Peschanaya Bay is the same as in the resorts of the Black Sea coast. This is the only place in Eastern Siberia, where the average annual air temperature is positive (+0,4 ° C). The water temperature in the bay is low all summer long, and only tempered people can swim here.
You can do amazing hike trips every day. You don’t need to have special physical training for such trips, but still you will get lots of bright impressions and emotions! A professional guide will show you all these unique places and tell you many interesting things about the nature and the inhabitants of Peschanaya Bay. Walking around the bay, you can get to cedar forest, to the plantation of rare medicinal plants, to the dwelling site of ancient people which is not far from Viewing Cliff overlooking a magnificent view on Babushka, Peschanaya and Academicheskaya Bays.

Excursions (one excursion a day)
Cedar passage of Primorsky range (by feet, duration – 4-5 hours); the route is like a long ascension. Reaching the passage, you will get to cedar forest, the plantation of rare medicinal plants, such as bergenia, magnolia-vine and so on…
Viewing Cliff (by feet, duration 2 hours 30 minutes); you can observe a beautiful view on Babushka, Peschanaya and Academicheskaya Bays as well as Lake Baikal. This place is amazing:  the dwelling site of ancient people was here!
Baklanyi Stone Cliff (by feet, duration 2 hours); the route runs along the shore, you will see Baklanyi Stone Cliff overtopping Baikal level in 15 meters. The cliff has no greenery, the top of its eastern part looks like a tower. This place is very gorgeous and you can see it in the pictures and in paintings of artists dedicated to Baikal. It was a place of nesting of cormorant till the middle of XX century.
Dolgaya Fall (by feet, duration 2 hours 30 minutes); it is a picturesque place with spurs of rocks and cuspate shores. Here you can see a long nick Dolgy, starting from the shore of Baikal and ending in the top of Primorsky range. The route ends in a small bay full of biological energy, where you may recover your forces.

Day 7
Today you will say “good bye!” to beautiful Peschanaya Bay. After lunch you will go by launcher to Bolshoye Goloustnoye settlement, where your trip started. Then you will go by bus to Irkutsk. Total travelling time is 4 hours. Arrival in Irkutsk at is 18.30.
If necessary, there will be accomodation in one of the hotels of Irkutsk (extra pay).

The price includes:

    - Meeting at the airport or the railway station of Irkutsk;
    - Guide and transport services for excursions in Listvyanka;
    - Tickets to “Taltsy”, Limnological museum, cableways to get to the viewing point of Chersky peak; Lunch in one of the restaurants of Listvyanka;
    - Accomodation in hotel “Irkutsk” (one-night stand);
    - Transfers: Irkutsk – Recreation Center – Irkutsk; Accomodation in the rooms of “Business” class (5 nights);
    - Full board in Recreation Center “Baikal Dunes”; Excursions in accordance with itinerary; Medical expense insurance.

We recommend you to take in the trip: comfortable shoes for hiking, replacement comfortable shoes, warm windproof jacket, swimming accessories, sunglasses, sun cream, a cap or hat, flashlight, individual medicines. We recommend you to buy before travel prophylactic against tick bites “Yodantipirin”, either to issue insurance from a tick bite in advance (for details refer to our managers). To avoid contaminating or dusting your baggage at the trafficking it in baggage compartment of a bus on route from Irkutsk to Bolshoye Goloustnoye and back, please pack it in large trash bags.

Attention! Please take into account possible delays of flights and trains when planning a trip! The Company shall not be responsible to the tourists in the case of their being late to the beginning of the tour and will not reimburse the costs associated with these circumstances! If you are unable to arrive at the specified time, you can do it in advance, and we will book you accommodation in Irkutsk, and offer sightseeing tours.

To know all the current prices refer to the managers