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The Round Baikal Express

We invite you to make a day trip to Baikal railway (The Round Baikal railway) on comfortable trains “The Round Baikal Express”!

In the salons of “The Round Baikal Express” everything is thoroughly planned: the soft chairs, nice music, attentive and friendly staff. You will not get bored: our guide will tell you fascinating stories about the construction of the Round Baikal railway and also show you the most interesting and beautiful places during the stops that are provided in the course of the train:

166 km / Slyudyanka. You can start acquaintance with the Round Baikal railway from Slyudyanka - its main railway station. The only stone passenger station building on the Round Baikal railway is architectural work of white and pink marble.
149 km / Old Angasolka. The most intense engineering and architectural objects of the site begin from here. Stone arch viaduct “Angasolsky” strikes with its power and beauty.

130 km / Shabartuisky complex of artificial structures - the iron bridge of the first track “riding on top end”, with a span between the stone pillars in 20 fathoms, and two-span, arched, reinforced concrete viaduct.

123 km / Complex Kirkireysky. It is a mysterious and exciting place. The builders had to work hard here. Due to constant rockslides and indomitable character of the Kirkirey River they had to punch a new parallel tunnel to tunnel number 18 in the second construction period.
110 km / Polovinnaya Fall. One of the most popular tourist places on the Round Baikal railway. A picturesque valley of the Polovinnaya River is located between Chaika cliff and Polovinny cape; two tunnels pass through them - the shortest and longest.

102 km / retaining wall “Italian” is one of the most beautiful places on the Round Baikal railway. It got its name in honor of arches, reminding the architecture of Italy. An Italian, Ferrari by name, worked on the project of the Wall. There is gallery № 7 “Big Shumikhinskaya” at the same stage of the journey. It was built to protect the railway from rockfall, but it is not used.

Low season (October – April): Tours are arranged on Saturdays and Sundays on a rail bus - a first-class cabin luxury diesel car. Cushioned chairs placed opposite each other, between them - a table. Salon is equipped with modern audio and video equipment, LCD monitors, heating system. Maximum capacity is 50 seats. Winter trip combined with a simple but fun ski trip (18 miles) from station “Pereyezd” to stopping point “Krutaya Guba” at 140th km of the Round Baikal railway.
High season (May – September): Tours are arranged on Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays (in addition from July to August – on Fridays and Saturdays) by the electric train of high comfort. The coaches are divided into the first and the second class, which differ from one another in arrangement of chairs and the number of places: in the coaches of the first class seats are arranged in pairs against each other, between them - a table; in the coaches of the second class seats are arranged one after another - in rows of three or two seats in the cabin, equipped with folding tables. Each coach has 4 monitors on which the videos about the lake, music and entertainment programs, and the Russian movies are broadcasted. Tourists are accompanied by a guide in the route. Tours are held both during the movement (on speakerphone), and at stopping points. During the trip, tourists can buy snacks and drinks at the bar of the train. In the first-class coaches there are thermoses with hot water.

On Wednesdays and Saturdays we get going by train - from Irkutsk-Passenger station at 08:16. To Slyudyanka the train goes without any stops, and then, from Slyudyanka (at 10:15), the excursion will begin immediately - with stops and walking out to the shore, accompanied by a guide. On arrival in Port Baikal (in winter at 18:20, at 19:20 in summer), you can visit the station building and go to the pier, from where a comfortable motor ship "Ivan Babushkin" will take you to Listvyanka. Here you will get the buses and go down the Baikal tract to Irkutsk, with stops in Solnechny district, on Baikalskaya street, the Central Market, and hotel “Angara”. The end of the trip is at Irkutsk-Passenger station (in winter - at about 21:00 in summer - around 22:00). In winter crossing from Port Baikal is executed on the ice by “Hivuses” (hovercrafts) to Listvyanka to the pier of the Baikal National Park.

On Thursdays and Sundays, the route starts at 8:40 / 9:30 by bus from the buildings of the Drama Theatre of Okhlopkov (Karl Marx Street, 14) to Listvyanka, then crossing to Port Baikal, where at 11:30 your journey on “The Round Baikal Express” will begin - with stops and walking out to the shore, accompanied by a guide. On route from Irkutsk to Slyudyanka the train includes the following stops for walking out of passengers: Goncharovo, Kaya, Melnikovo, Academicheskaya, Irkutsk-Passenger (21:55), Military Town, Irkutsk-Sorting.

From June until the end of August trips on the Round Baikal railway can be executed by rail bus (in the first-class cabin) on Fridays and Saturdays: departure on Friday by train from Irkutsk-Passenger station at 06:55 and arrival in Slyudyanka at 09:35, arrival in Port Baikal at 18:00, departure from Listvyanka by bus at 18:45, arrival in Irkutsk at about 20:00. Departure from Irkutsk on Saturday by bus at 08:30, ferry crossing from Listvyanka at 10:00, departure of the train from Port Baikal at 10:30, arrival at Irkutsk-Passenger station at 21:22.

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