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Small Houses of a Tourist

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Listvyanka is a small village on southern shore of Lake Baikal, located at the very source of the Angara River. Clutched between the lake and the branches of the Primorsky Range, it stretched out along the shoreline on 5 km. Many people begin their first acquaintance with the Great Lake from this settlement.
Listvyanka got its name due to larch trees, growing on Larch cape. There is a monument to Alexander Vampilov, who was a dramaturgist and the author of the famous plays "The Elder Son," "Duck Hunt" and the other outstanding works, not far from the source of the Angara on a steep bank near the road. He was tragically killed near this place in August 1972
A private art gallery works in the village, its creator is Vladimir Plamenevsky, a poet and an architect. The works of different masters, whose main topic is Baikal, are represented in the exhibition, which hall area is 70 m2. Here you can purchase products made of elm, paintings, jewelry.
Also there is a private mini-zoo in Listvyanka, the initiator of its creation - Valery Prokopievich Danube - moved to Listvyanka from Irkutsk. The first bear’s cub, Masha by name, was found on the conflagration, and in order to prevent her death they took her with them. Three bears, two foxes, red deer and mountain sheep live in the zoo now.
In recent years Listvyanka possesses itself of distinct features of the resort area with a high concentration of modern tourist services. Hotels and restaurants for every taste, bathhouses and saunas with Baikal water, an observatory, Nerpinary - the whole infrastructure of the settlement making it one of the most developed tourists inhabited localities on Lake Baikal.

Hotel “Small Houses of a Tourist” at Lake Baikal is located in Listvyanka opposite St Nicholas Church.

Location: 70 km from Irkutsk, Listvyanka, Kulikov Street, 57.
Period: March-November
Accommodation: 2-storied cottage (comfortable rooms with separate toilet facilities and showers) and board room houses. TV, a double bed, a fridge, a sofa, cutlery are on the second floor of the cottage; a sofa, a double bed, a table, chairs, TV are on the first floor.
There is a bathhouse on the hotel territory.

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