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Nikita Bencharov Homestead

The homestead is situated in Khuzhir settlement of Olkhon Island, in 5 minutes walking by feet from Burkhan Cape and a beautiful sandy beach.
Location: 280 km from Irkutsk, Olkhon Island / 500 meters from the shore of Lake Baikal.

Working period: all year round

Total capacity: unlimited
1-, 2-rooms houses with double rooms. The heating is stove (firewood). All the houses are equipped with composting toilets and wash-basins, some of them have shower or bathhouse. There are two bathhouses on the territory of the homestead, they work every day. At your wish you can have a shower, situated in a separately-standing house on the territory.
Home-style cuisine is extremely diverse and significantly increases your understanding of traditional Siberian cuisine.
Breakfast runs from 9-00 to 11-00. If you leave, it will be cooked earlier.
Lunch runs from 13-00 to 16-00. If you are going to tour, a picnic will be waiting for you there. If you decide to go for a day hike, you will be given packed lunch with you. If you arrive in 17-00, do not worry, you will always be fed! Dinner runs from 19-00 to 21-00, there is always a thermos with the tea in the kitchen.
rental of launches or boats, bicycle rental, satellite phone, table tennis, sightseeing tours, meeting with the custodian of the traditions of the Buryat people, Valentine Hagdaev as well:
- Visiting the museum
- video programs
- Home Library
- a small gym with table tennis
- a small playground and a lot of toys for children. You can negotiate the babysitting service.

Delivery is by buses (mini-buses) every day at 9.00 (travelling time – 5-5.5 hours). Back from the base the bus goes at 12.30. Arrival in Irkutsk is at 20.30.

To know all the current prices refer to the managers.