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Holiday Center “Solnechnaya”

Holiday center “Solnechnaya” is situated on Olkhon Island, on the outskirts of Khuzhir settlement, not far from the sandy beach. From the territory of the center you can see a beautiful view on the Small Sea and its vicinities.
Accomodation: separately-standing double-, triple-, quadruple- houses, the rooms are with separate entrances (composting toilet, wash-basin). The houses are heated if it is cold. On the territory of the base there is Russian bath with hot water for needs of tourists and also summer shower. Since August 2008 3-storied hotel has been opened (shower and sanitary conveniences in the room), situated on the shore in 150 m from the water. Double- and triple- accomodation rooms are in it with a gorgeous view on Lake Baikal. All the buildings were built of pine.

The full board, there are fish, meat, milk dishes, vegetables and fruits in the menu. Milk is always fresh. Our chefs know plenty of unique recipes of cooking omul and whitefish. At the wish of our clients – half board, vegetarian menu. Extracts of medicinal Baikal herbs and aroma tea will be offered to you in fit bar.

Sports and entertainment
Horseback riding, football and volleyball grounds, mountain bikes, boats, fish tackles, massage, disco, karaoke, live music; hydroski, launches, “banana” riding are for extra pay on the beach.

• Various routes across Olkhon and cruises on Lake Baikal
• Winter tours
• Horseback riding
• Fishing
• Mountain bikes
• Billiards
• Ethno-cultural program, meeting with shamans and Buddhist lamas
• Holding seminars, conferences, concerts and trainings
• Video library with films about Baikal
• Bathhouse with steam on the shore of Lake Baikal
• Excursions in Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude
• Combined tours: Irkutsk-Olkhon - Listvyanka - Arshan
• Transfer to Irkutsk - Khuzhir - Irkutsk
• Children Camps in June and July

Delivery is by buses (mini-buses) every day at 10.00 (travelling time – 6-6.5 hours). Back from the base the bus goes at 12.30. Arrival in Irkutsk is at 19.00.
You will be offered 20 different routes on Olkhon and the Small Sea, accompanied by experienced guides, the cultural program “Meet the customs and traditions of the Buryat people, shamanic rituals, Buddhist Lamas” for additional payment.

Car routes
Khoboy Cape – Uzury, 100 km, 6-8 hours
The route passes through the northern part of the island; these are the most picturesque places of Olkhon, which remain in the memory for a long time. There are very interesting objects for photography and filming. From Khuzhir the road leads through the woods to Kharantsy village further along the edge of the forest over small hills to Halgai village. Beautiful views on the Small Sea and the Primorsky Range are opened along the way.

Lake Shara-Nur, 28 km, 4 hours
Shara-Nur is the only lake on Olkhon situated in the mountains. Its name can be translated as “yellow lake”. It is esteemed by the locals for its healing mud. Good heating of the water and small depth of the lake are very convenient for bathing.
Lake Khankhoy, 22 km, 4 hours
Lake Khankhoy is located in the steppe part of the island, connected with Baikal by small branch, and separated from it by sandy spit, which forms the beach. The water is warming up faster than in the Small Sea. The lake is a favorite place for swim lovers and fishermen. The shore of the Small Sea is rocky. There are archeological monuments of the Neolithic and Iron Ages, the Mongol time there. These are cult and ritual complexes, cemeteries.

Tyshkine Fall, 40 km, 4-5 hours
Tyshkine is the only place on the east side of Olkhon Island, where you can get by car. Buryat ulus was here in the old times, there is the only one house left here at the present time. This locality is very beautiful, the brook with clear spring water, surrounded by the bushes of willow coppice and black currant, runs along the nick. The nick is surrounded by high mountains from two sides and ends on the shore with a small bay. Rocky shores of the bay are convenient places for fishing lovers.
Khalzany – Ulan Cape – Khapsagay, 80 km, 4-5 hours
The route brings you to southern tip of the island with an exit to the Great Sea. The mountain slopes are covered with golden pea shrub, Baikal endemics. Khalzany is abandoned Buryat ulus, farther to the south - Cape Ulan Khapsagay, overlooking unforgettable pictures of surroundings: blue strait “Olkhon Gate” with jutting into it capes and the mainland of Olkhon.

Uzury, 60 km, 5-6 hours

This is the route to the south-east shore of Olkhon. Constantly working weather station and the laboratory of the Siberian Institute of the Earth Crust are situated there. The bay is bordered by high rocky cliffs from the south and the north. Uzur is famous for its archaeological monuments dated to Neolith.

Budun Cape, 30 km, 3-4 hours

Budun Cape is overtopped the Small Sea. This name can be translated as “thick”. On the way from Kharantsy village to the cape, a beautiful panoramic view on the Small Sea with small islands: Kharansa, Mogoto, Yedor – a place of nesting of silver sea gull is opened. A rocky shore of the north-west side of Budun is a place for fishing lovers. At your wish on the way back you can visit Buryat ulus Khalgay, where you can try national dishes.

Khuly Bay – Khargoy Cape, 70 km, 4-5 hours

This is a journey through the steppes of Olkhon, the air of which is saturated with wonderful fragrance of mountain herbs. The route leads you to picturesque Khuly bay – a place of growing period of omul. At the top of the hill on the south-east side of the bay, Olkhon “Sphinxes” are located: they are stone sculptures, overtopping alone in the steppe. From Khuly the steep mountain road leads us into Khargoy, which is famous for its archaeological remains.

Water Routes

Reserved Ushkany Islands, by ship, 2 days (at the advanced order)

One of the wonders of Lake Baikal - Ushkany Islands, is famous for the largest rookery of Baikal seals. Primeval forest, the amazing colors of marble prills on the shores of the islands.
Introduction to the Small Sea, the ship, 25 km, 5 hours

Zunduk Cape, 80 km, by ship, 8-9 hours (at the advanced order)

This is fascinating trip to the mainland side of Olkhon to Zunduk Cape. That’s the place, where you will see colorful pictures of the stone canyons and cliffs covered with colorful lichen, steppe relict of glacial period and endemics of Baikal.

The curative power of “Arshan”, by ship, 36 km, 7-8 hours

This is a fascinating passage through the Small Sea to curative spring Surkhaity, situated in the locality with the same name in 1.5 km from the shore at the foot of the mountains. It is used by local inhabitants to cure cold-related diseases.

Zama, by ship, 95 km, 1-2 days (at the advanced order)

This is one of the most beautiful routes – a trip across the Small Sea to the opposite shore to Zama locality. There is the biggest grotto on Baikal from the sea side on Aral Cape. Lake Zama attracts fishing lovers by its loneliness and abundance of fish.

Walking, bicycle and horseback riding routes

Khoboy Cape; bicycle route; 100 km

This is fascinating journey, adding adrenaline, only for advanced cyclists.

Tyshkine Fall; bicycle route; 40 km

In accordance with the level of your experience, there are 2 variants of the route:
Along the car route: Lake Shara-Nur – Tyshkine (steep uphill);
Along the route: Polevoi Stan – Amantuk – Lake Shara-Nur – Tyshkine (without “taking by storm” steep uphill).

Polevoi Stan; walking, bicycle or horseback riding route; 6 km

Beautiful panoramic views on the Small Sea and the Primorsky Range, western shore of Olkhon with all its capes, bays and turning into blue distance of the Mysterious Izhimeya are opened from the top of the mountain.

Fish Farm; walking or horseback riding route; 5 km

The route starts at Burkhan Cape, passes along the beautiful sandy beach. You go by the seashore, playing with the oncoming waves, or stepping a little deeper into the forest, cross the barchans and quiet meadows along the way. The route ends at the brook with the pure spring water, which flows into Lake Baikal.

To know all the current prices refer to the managers.