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Trekking to Bolshie Koty

4 days/3 nights
Validity period: on any day from May to September
Mountain country Khamar-Daban is one of the most beautiful circlets of Baikal. It frames the lake from the south. Pristine nature, Mountain Rivers, waterfalls, Siberian taiga, Alpine meadows…


Day 1
Arrival in Irkutsk; a short city tour to meet with the main sights of Irkutsk and its historic and architectural monuments; transfer to Listvyanka (70 km from Irkutsk); arrival; a stop at the viewing point on Shaman Stone, where the guide will tell you a wonderful legend about Baikal and the Angara River; excursion to the Museum of Baikal, meeting inhabitants of flora and fauna of the lake, as well as an interactive diving to the bottom of the lake or visiting arboretum are possible; rising by the cableways to Chersky Mountain overlooking a gorgeous view on the mouth of the Angara and the south part of the lake; a walk through Krestovka village with visiting wooden St. Nicholas Church; visiting fish market and souvenir market; accomodation in a hotel (“Mayak”, “Legend of Baikal”, “Baikal Towers”) or in a private cottage, in home stay (a flat); in the evening – preparing for the trek.

Day 2
Breakfast; start of the trek from the hotel to leisure base “Shelter of Gold Miners” (22 km); the first part is a rise to Primorsky range (4.5-5 km) from Cheremshanaya Fall; further the route runs along the spine of Primorsky range overlooking awesome views on Baikal and taiga nicks leading to the Angara; ascending from the spine, the group comes to Baikal in about 9-10 km from Listvyanka; a hot taiga lunch is cooking on the shore or in the forest; after lunch the group moves by the path to Chyornaya (Black) Fall (8-9 km); then to “Shelter of Gold Miners”; the path runs through the forest as well as along the edge of the shore, raising up high in mountains; in the evening – arriving at the leisure base; accomodation in small wooden houses (in twos and in fours), toilet is outside; leisure base “Shelter of Gold Miners” is situated in a picturesque valley of Chyorny brook, on the spurs of Primorsky range, in 200 m from the shore of Baikal; dinner; Russian bathhouse.

Day 3
Breakfast; trekking along the shore of the lake to Bolshie Koty (2.5-3 km); Bolshie Koty settlement is situated in 18 km (by water) from Listvyanka settlement, in the summer time there is a regular water communication with Listvyanka; there is the Museum of Baikal knowledge in the village, which represents over 400 different exhibits, a rich collection of insects, as well as constantly operating Scientific station; visiting the museum (extra pay); Further - trekking to Cape Skriper (3 km from Bolshie Koty). The path runs through Sennaya Fall, famous for its gold mines, and good hay meadows; Mount Skriper is isolated mountain range; it is formed of a rare breed on Lake Baikal - Jurassic conglomerate, which is a gritty rock with run-pebbles; lunch cooked on fire; returning to village Bolshie Koty; transfer by boat to Listvyanka; arriving in Listvyanka, hotel accommodation; dinner at the hotel.

Day 4
Breakfast; transfer to Irkutsk; departure from Irkutsk.

The price includes:

Transfer: Irkutsk – Listvyanka – Irkutsk;
Accomodation in hotels: “Mayak”, “Legend of Baikal”, “Baikal Towers” in Listvyanka in standard variant and in a private cottage in economy variant – 2 nights, on leisure base “Shelter of Gold Miners” in Chyornaya Fall – 1 night;
Meals: hotel breakfast in Listvyanka, full board during the trek;
Rental of all equipment for the group, a guide for trekking;
Excursion in Listvyanka, including tickets to museums;
Tickets for the motor boat Bolshie Koty – Listvyanka;
Insurance against tick-borne encephalitis and accident insurance.

!!! Important: you must have replacement set of clothes and extra pair of shoes. It is recommended to have vaccination against ticks.

1) To participate in the tour it is recommended to have (unless otherwise noted):
Rucksack, a sleeping bag, a sleeping pad, a windproof jacket, a rain gear, reserve hiking boots, a sweater, warm socks, a flashlight, if necessary - a personal first aid kit.

2) We provide all necessary group equipment: tents, mats, fire equipment, and team first aid kit.
3) Meals: In the stationary conditions – hot full board. In the field - the food is prepared on fire by your guide 2 times a day. At lunch time, in order to save the light-time, tourists are satisfied with dry rations and hot tea. Tourists can participate in the process of cooking, but be sure to help in gathering of firewood and cleaning campsite before leaving.

!!! It is strongly recommended to have vaccination against tick-borne encephalitis. Ticks are active from early May to mid-July. Although we avoid visiting places of greatest tick-borne activity, insurance of encephalitis is included in the cost of our active tours. Insurance against accidents is also included in the price.

To know all the current prices refer to the managers