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How to get there:
the way from Irkutsk to Khankh settlement (344 km) runs along Kultuk tract (federal highway M-55). In Kultuk settlement you should turn to Mondy (highway A-164). After turning – by Tibelti settlement, through Arshan settlement, Kyren settlement (the center of Tunkinsky district), Nilova Pustyn, near-border Mondy settlement – to checkpoint “Mondy-Khankh”. The checkpoint works every day, except for days-off and public holidays, from 10.00 to 17.00 in winter time, from 10.00 to 18.00 in summer time.
After passing border- custom formalities on Russian and Mongolian side you will get to Khankh settlement (going down the unpaved-gravel road – 22 km).  After that you will come down the gravel road (700 m) to Lake Khubsugul and – you are on the place of destination!

Payment of local taxes in Mongolia:
- Registration Fee of Administration of Khankh settlement - 100 rubles per person;
- Payment for entry to the territory of Khubsugul National Park - 80 rubles per person;
- Transportation of boats to the territory Khubsugul National Park:
- Without motor - 500 rubles;
- With motor - 1000 rubles;
- Sanitization wheels of one car - 40 rubles;
- Customs duty from an adult person – 100 rubles;
- If you cross the border by car you may have to pay - 250 rubles.

Mongol tugriks and Russian rubles may be used in Turta settlement. 1 ruble=40 tugriks. You may exchange your money either at locals or at “Khankh-Bank”, which is situated in the settlement. American dollars may be exchanged to tugriks at the same place.

There are 7 shops in the settlement, in which you can buy essential goods produced in China, Russia, and Mongolia: drinks, cigarettes, tooth paste, foodstuffs, photographic film, souvenirs and so on. It should be mentioned that the choice of goods in the shops is not big, and you shouldn’t account to buy something cheap and of high quality.

Export of products
Quarantine Service of Russia prohibits the import of meat from Mongolia animals, by-products, and wool. In case you of detecting them at the border crossing, such goods will be arrested.
As for exports of fish the problem is being solved. After organization the post of quarantine in Turta settlement, exportation of fish will be allowed.

The exportation of Mongolian tea and beer for personal use is free.

Transportation of boats to the territory of Mongolia

Filling the declaration for Russian custom you should fill temporary exportation of the boat and the motor from Russia, and by admission – back importation. On Mongolian side you will be taken duty – 40000 tugriks (1000 rubles) for using of small size vessel with the motor on the territory of Khubsugul National Park. If the boat is not equipped with the motor, duty is 20000 tugriks (500 rubles).

Bathing in Lake Khubsugul
The temperature of the water in Lake Khubsugul in summer time is …+12…+14 C, the water in Khankh settlement warms up to …+16 C.

To know all the current prices refer to the managers.